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Nand Shah

I am Nand Shah, 23 years old and I’m love with UI UX design. I also work with SMEs and produce great WordPress websites to help drive their businesses and make them manageable online. In 2016, I graduated from King’s College London in Bsc Computer Science.

Whilst studying, it made me realise that my interests were more in understanding the technical elements behind a project and really just mapping out the fundamentals of what makes a good user flow and something really fun, simple and easy to use. At the end of the day, isn’t that why we keep using the apps that we do today?

A few months after graduating, I landed my first big project. It was with a company that today is known as, RxLive. RxLive is a pharmaceutical company that allows patients to have their prescriptions ordered through an app and delivered to their door in 48 hours. The app is designed to bring convenience to peoples lives and not have to worry about picking your medication up. Simple • Quick • Secure.

I have been given the opportunity to explore many different industries, this has given me the ability to spread my knowledge and adapt what I learn from one project into the other. Some of which are, pharmaceutical, hairdressing, audio visual, restaurants, newspapers, confectionary stores etc.

Whilst practicing design principles and taking a deeper understanding of UI UX, I also build WordPress Websites for small/medium businesses around London.

This helps businesses take their models to a new level, for example some businesses may currently just have a store and do not truly realise the potential to have a commerce platform that can drive them forward.

Currently: 12th April 2018, I am working on a project with a start up known as Freestyle Cuts.

Freestyle Cuts is essentially known to be the ‘UBER’ for hairstylists. This is an app that is designed to empower salon and independent hairstylists to take their creativity to the level it deserves. Freestyle Cuts built a simple, elegant and intuitive platform that’s going to be released by the end of April 2018

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> CTO @ Freestyle Cuts Ltd.
> Founder of nandshah.com


> UI UX Designer @ Project Leo Ltd.
> Creative Director @ Ideaspace
> Head of Creatives @ RxLive


> King’s College London Graduate | Bsc. Computer Science

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