NHS repeat prescription within 24 hours* nationwide.


RxLive is a London-based start up that have changed the pharmaceutical industry. They are the first regulated online pharmacy that are able to distribute repeat and private prescriptions through an online platform.

The RxLive mobile and web app platform enables users who live a busy lifestyle to simply scan their prescriptions into their platform, get it approved by a regulated NHS doctor and then dispatched to that patient. User can expect the medication delivered to them within a 24-48 hour window.

Nand Shah was approached by RxLive, CEO, Shahil D Patel who fell in love with some of Nand’s motion graphic animations Nand had created and was hired to produce an explainer video. Not too long after, Nand and the team at Project Leo Ltd were hired to produce and a incredibly flexible UI and UX flow.


The problem that RxLive were facing was that they needed a website that complimented their application well. Something that was very simple and easy to understand straight away.

Understanding their audience, it made me realise that the types of people who would potentially be using this platform, might not all be tech-friendly. It had to be simple and it had to be to the point.

RxLive wanted to serve the purpose of allowing people to know who they are and the ability to download the app through their website. Furthermore, RxLive has a dashboard that allows patients to see their orders, next due day for their repeat prescription etc.

How do we keep things modern, yet simple?

RxLive | UX

Naturally for any business, before starting up, would do their research in respect to the industry. I also like to do mine, to get a better understanding of the industry but also how people really feel about being able to order their medication online.

RxLive needed to be more than just a delivery service for medication, it integrated an online consultation component which allowed patients who needed an emergency doctor to schedule in calls and be seen via video calls.

I believe that technology and ideas like this are the tipping points for industries that have been static for many years. Since forever, you’ve been able to go to a GP, be prescribed medication and then go to the pharmacy to collect it. Breaking all technological barriers for that time and now creating a business that is bringing much more convenience and value to peoples lives but still following the same business principles is what’s innovating the industry.

In August 2017, an article was released by the telegraph stating that:
“Britains largest online pharmacy had been accused “blitzing” people with unsolicited marketing material which some patients may confuse for official NHS correspondence.

Patients have reported mistakenly signing up to Pharmacy2U’s repeat prescription service thinking they have been contacted by their local GP surgery or high street chemist, meaning longstanding prescription arrangements are automatically cancelled.”

It’s essential to demonstrate the clarity behind the product, confusing users gives them bad feedback and they are likely not to even use it again.

RxLive | Mobile App UI UX

Their competitors:

💊 Echo Pharmacy

💊 Pharmacy 2 U

💊 Med Express

💊 Doctor 4 U


Once the full scope of the industry and project was understood, Nand proceeded by moving to evaluating the current flow and design of the web app. From this derived a new set of wireframes which were used to improve existing designs and increase the user flow performance. The process of enhancing usability, accessibility and pleasure.


  • Who are the users?
  • What are their interests?
  • How can we best serve them?
  • How functional is the product?
  • How easy is it to find information?
RxLive | Mobile App UI UX Flow


View a few design concepts that were created for RxLive.

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