Top 5 Ways to Market your work and Business

Top 5 Ways to Market your work and Business

You have the skill, you have the service or you may also have the product but how are you marketing yourself in a competitive market space? It’s common for people to start up their social platforms and create posts with cool hashtags that can gain them exposure but is it the most effective way?

For starters, would you consider your offering as something that people need vs wanting it? If so, then why do you think that is? Use those reasons why when you’re creating your content to share with the world.

For example, a common problem faced is that your phone battery runs out quickly, previously with Android phones anyway, we were able to buy replacement batteries. Instead, nowadays everyone is resulting in power banks and phone cases that are chargers too.

Not many people ever really said that they want a power bank or want a case that charges your phone especially when it makes your phone bulky. It’s just another accessory that you have to carry around. It’s become a need for people when they’re traveling or have a busy day ahead.

Likewise, do your services, products and content become a need for people?


Influencer Marketing

What is Influential Marketing?

Influential marketing is where you use influential consumers to promote your product which will help create a buzz around it and help drive sales. You have to find people who have got a large number of active followers so that when the influencer talks about something, their followers are listening because it’s impactful for the viewers.

There are a lot of people out there today who rely on influencers to help them market their product or service. This can often mean providing them with a free product or a free service and as a result, getting these influencers so excited that they HAVE to talk about it. This is where Instagram becomes so powerful. It’s full of influencers who can help you get your brand or service out there. My personal opinion is that it should be something unique that you’re offering over a norm, this makes it more worthwhile talking about and it is memorable enough for them to want talk about it.

An example of a company that is going so strong with influential marketing is The Wolfe London. The Wolfe London is an international apparel company, through the power of Instagram, they’ve really lifted their followers and online sales through influence. They aim towards, younger people, gym people and more. For a company that is just over a year old, they’ve been moving mountains. Recently they participated in London Fashion Week!


Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is probably one of the most underused and underrated sources of marketing. It’s really powerful. Have you ever seen those bikes, vans or cars with various forms of advertising on them? Not the one where companies have their branding but those that are advertising for other businesses. Eg, black cabs around London.

Recently I’ve come across a company known as The Mobile Advertising Company that allows you to create an ad on a bike just as you can see below.

These bikes are then ridden around prime locations to capture the audience. It’s different from social marketing because it’s targeting a large set of audience which is quite abstract in terms of the people that will see it. When you approach a form of advertising like this, you really need to drill down on your ad and that capture peoples attention.


Waze Local

Recently for my own source of advertising, I chose to do something different. If you’re a service or product based company, Waze local allows you to advertise your business that is in a physical location. Whether you’re coworking or working from another office you can assign an ad to that area. Whenever someone is in your area and they’re driving by, using the Waze app to navigate around, your advertisements will display to them when they’re stuck in traffic or waiting for the lights to change.

You have literally a few seconds to grasp their interest. You’d be surprised the number of people that end up viewing your ad. The minimum amount Waze requires you to spend with them is $60. On a daily basis, you can review the performance on your ad and you will be able to see if you need to update it or change things around.

The metrics aren’t as detailed as you might find on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest but you’ll get a better idea of how it’s performing and the overall interest your service or store can have on someone.

See below for my real metrics in my advertisement.


Co-Working Networking

Co-working space is a hotspot to get yourself recognized! That’s not to say you go into a WeWork office or a Regas office and mingle around, you can do that, but often these spaces can be a little expensive, especially if you’re just starting out and are working on a budget.

When I first started out, I was working in a local coworking space in Clapham Junction called Ideaspace London. There are loads of different businesses and startups in these environments and it’s so great to speak to people and see what everyone is doing and hopefully, you might click with a few people and offer your services to them!

Ideaspace has an affordable monthly membership even if you are new to the entrepreneur world, I’d definitely recommend seeing the different places in your area and see what can come from it. I personally picked up 3 new clients whilst I was there and I lead their web and design work even till today! (2 years on).

A little while ago I went to a WeWork studio in London for a meeting and I met some of the most interesting people whilst I was there. There was a hairdressing company that was using the space inside to offer people who work within the building with a haircut and a style up! What better way to get sharp before a meeting right? Sometimes you have to try something outside the box and your comfort zone.


MailChimp and Landing Pages

MailChimp is by far the most powerful email marketing tool that is out there, you guys can get a free sign up and if you don’t already use it, I couldn’t encourage it enough for you to sign up and use it.

The platform allows you to create landing pages for a various amount of things whether it’s a product, a free ebook, event, webinars and more. Recently I wrote an e-guide for people to start up an online business and design their own perfect website with just as little as £100.

In the industry, it’s hard for people to get what they want especially whilst working on a budget. I’ve provided all the information and resources that you can use to create your own slick looking website in just two hours!

Initially, I started out by trying to sell my guide to my audience for only £6.99. The more I thought, decided that I wanted to offer that guide to people for free and it’s available to download as we speak!

The guide can be very helpful to you if you’re looking to revamp or even just start out! Download it now and give it a read.

It is something that people need and as I’ve been advertising it, I’ve grown a wide audience and generated a lot of interest as well.


To summarise, there are many different forms of marketing that are out there today. Not all methods fit everyone, so you need to be smart about your choices and where you are going to be investing your money.

Try new things, try adapting different industries to your business and see how you can work together to change the dynamics of your model. Using advertising methods such as Waze can be very powerful, I personally find it very useful.

Try getting into the habit of thinking about what can you do to bring more value to your customers, does it mean offering them free advise, help or even products? In order to get the most out of this, you could capture some of their data and stay in touch with them through newsletters, text messages and more.

What’s next?: Focus your marketing.

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