Future Matrix

Branding, WordPress Website


Future Matrix is a private technology company that strives to simplify their customer’s lives and to improve the way they use technology.

Further to this, the protection of their client’s privacy is very important to them as well. A focal point for the company is cybersecurity services, they protect their clients when browsing online.


Brand perception the technology company were pushing was vibrant with strong use of iconography.

In addition, Future Matrix had a playful outlook of their business and realised not too long after that it was not appealing to the clients they wanted.


Developing the strategy became simpler the more I was hearing of the customer’s problems.

They required a simple way to use systems and websites. In this case, this was the secret retainer, we didn’t go heavy on colour and imaging.


The best way to interpret such a problem is to go to ground zero, understand the difficulties and simplify those problems.


With these constraints for the customers, it made sense to create personas and understand how to create a solution that works perfectly. The team re-created their logo and we developed a website that was purely informative, short and to the point.

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