Ideaspace London

Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design, WordPress Website


Ideaspace London is a local coworking space based in the heart of Clapham. The objective of Ideaspace is to provide a great working environment for those who live locally to the coworking hub. When the coworking space opened in 2017, they approached Nand to create the branding, website and stationery.

The Problem

Ideaspace in 2017 was a new business and like any new business, they need a purpose and the right direction in order for people to recognise the brand in a particular market space. They wanted to position themselves to appeal to the locals, create an image of fun and collaborative as well as stimulated environment to get work done and feel accomplished at the days end.


Upon brand discovery, design and strategy Nand developed a mobile responsive WordPress website. This gave the staff of Ideaspace full control over the blog posts and making minor updates to the website as and when needed. Keeping the business flowing was really important to them and being able to update content and materials frequently was mandatory.

The Solution

At the start of every business, decisions need to reflect the core values and ethos that is written for the business. Ideaspace created the following set of core values: entrepreneurial, together, positivity, personal and go the extra mile.


Keeping these values at the centre of focus, Nand brainstormed with the team and discovered new brand patterns. Followed by new design and technological solutions for the business.


Brand Strategy

The strategy was simple, the coworking space was designed and aimed at startup owners and individuals who work from home. Giving them a concentrated working space that did not feel too much like an office and not too much like home either.


It boiled down to understanding what is it really that people are looking for? Why are so many people going into coffee shops and staying there for hours every day?

Consider the environment, the offerings and the service. With this in mind, Ideaspace catered for workspace, coffee, lounge and resources that people required on a day to day basis for their working operations. This includes super fast wifi and printing + scanning facilities, phone booths and more.



Nand used these facts as a focal point to design and develop the brand, practical empathy requires you to take a step back and really listen and understand what people are looking for, what are their pain points? We emphasised on convenience, social, coffee and flexibility but no tied down contracts.

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