Web Design

Curating impeccable web design through client requirements, our consultation sessions allow us to understand more about your business to give it what it really needs to strive forward. Whether you’re an online business, blogger or even an information provider, we have you covered.


Graphic Design

Design plays such an important part of what we do day to day within our business, ranging from social media materials, marketing, website assets and more. We have a turbo charged team of creative people to bring you unique ideas that fit your brand.

ui/ux design

Are you looking to build a mobile application, the fundamentals of any mobile app today is to give your users a unique but simple flow. Something smart and intuitive, the design doesn’t need to be complicated. Let’s partner up and create some phenomenal UI and UX design experiences for users.

Consultation Sessions

Nand offers consultation services for the growth of your business. With technology moving at a rapid speed, it is hard to keep up and Nand provides optimal solutions that your business requires. At the core of everything, how do you keep your costs low but the value higher in your business?


Keeping your website safe should be an essential attribute to consider, especially if you’re an online store or that you’re taking in customer data. In addition, there are many concepts that people can use to engineer receiving your passwords and stealing your data. Prevent yourself from DDOS attacks with our hacking prevention technology and server protection.